Sao Tome Investment Climate (Investment Climate, IFC,

World Bank Group)

Sao Tome and Principe

Project Manager - Licensing project focused on business regulations and foreign trade. By end 2014 it introduced paperless one-stop shop bureaucracy for customs clearance and business entry.  

(WBG Award winning)

Sao Tome Licensing (Investment Climate, IFC, World Bank Group)Sao Tome and Principe
Project Manager - Regulatory guillotine program that resulted in reduction of 51% of licences and simplification of business entry and instituted regulatory impact assessment.
Timor-Leste Investment Climate (IFC, World Bank Group) 
East Timor

Leading Business Regulation component of the program, which set up a one-stop shop for business registration, cutting down bureaucracy and launched a licensing guillotine exercise.

(WBG Award winning)

Investment Climate Rapid Respo-nse (Investment Climate /IFC/WB)
Cape VerdeLeading Business Regulation component that assists government analyse the business support services and streamline business entry and licences.
Guinea Bissau Private Sector Development (World Bank Group) 
Guinea BissauLeading Business Regulation component, which successfully streamlined business entry and licensing. (WBG Award winning)
Mozambique Investment Climate (IFC, World Bank Group) 
MozambiqueLeading Business Regulation component, which produced the inventory of all licences, mapped the system of one-stop shops for registration and commenced the regulatory simplification.
Burkina Faso Investment Climate (IFC, World Bank Group)
Burkina FasoLeading Business Regulation component, which produced the inventory of all licences and commenced regulatory impact assessment and clean-up.
AZ Business Enabling Environ-ment (IFC, World Bank Group) 
AzerbaijanProject Manager – US$5.5m program of regulatory simplification focused on business entry, tax administration and licensing.

projects implemented as Freelance consultant (From oct 2016)

Implementing a Sustainable PSD Strategy – Establishing One-Stop Shop (World Bank Institute/IFC)


Project Manager - Licensing project focused on business regulations and foreign trade. By end 2014 it introduced paperless one-stop shop bureaucracy for customs clearance and business entry.  

(WBG Award winning)

Licensing reform at National Level (FIAS/IFC/WB)Albania
Component lead – Mapping the existing licensing scope and permitting process and proposing a new system of their simplified issuance
Sub-national Competitiveness Reform project in Southeast Europe (FIAS/IFC/WB)

Component lead – Examining business environment and establishing regulatory clean-up mechanisms. Co-ordination with national regulatory review mechanisms

Sub-national Competitiveness Reform project for BiH (FIAS/IFC/WB)
BiHComponent lead – Regulatory reform project building up on successes of the 2006 ‘regulatory guillotine’ review. Setting up of the registry of business formalities (licences, permits etc.), and ex-ante pilot legal assessment mechanisms.
Regulatory Guillotine Legal Simplification (USAID/FIAS)
BiHRegulatory reform expert – Preparation of the regulatory review process in the area of licensing and inspection.
Investment Reform Index of the Investment Compact for South-East Europe (OECD) 
BiH, CroatiaRegulatory reform expert – Research, measure and monitor selected reform indicators and assist the government in self-evaluating its performance.​
Introduction of Regulatory Governance (World Bank, SIDA, Swiss Government)
Croatia, BiH, Serbia and Monteneg.
Regulatory reform expert – Introducing regulatory impact assessment (RIA) instruments into policy making and legislative drafting and demonstrating effects on business environment
FIAS Project Development and Administrative Barriers Follow-Up (FIAS) 
Southeast EuropeRegulatory reform expert – Designing the future FIAS projects tailored to the needs of the client governments in BiH, Croatia and Serbia.
Peer Review of Company Registration in SEE (OECD)
Southeast EuropeRegulatory reform expert – Analysing the status of company registration reform in the SEE countries and performance of the current registration systems, one-stop-shops, and review of plans for the introduction of new reforms.
Administrative Barriers Review–Munic-ipality of Gradiška (SEED/IFC-FIAS)
BiHTeam Leader – Assessing the administrative barriers in a pilot municipality with an aim to reduce costs to private sector.
Surveys of Regulatory Governance in SEE Countries (OECD)
Croatia, BiHRegulatory reform expert – Analysis of the regulatory environment and government ability to promote business enabling environment.
Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Interventions and Gap Analysis (USAID)
BiHRegulatory reform expert – In-depth analysis of the existing business environment for SMEs and presentation of the needs, gaps and priorities to government.
North-East Bosnia Local Government Support Activity (LGID&PADCO/USAID)
BiHConsultant – Preparation and delivery of training to municipal officials of 10 local governments in governance; design and implementation of the local development strategies.
Business Environment Adjustment Credit (WB)
BiHRegulatory reform consultant – Project implementation and assistance to the government in enhancing the business climate at the national and sub-national level: inspections, business entry. (WBG Award winning)
Reforms to Remove Administrative Barriers to Investment (FIAS, WB)
BiHRegulatory reform consultant – Recommenda-tions to improving the investment climate at all governance levels in every aspect of the business cycle and assistance to setting up the institutional instruments.
Implementation of Self-Assessment Tools for Administrative Barriers to Investment (FIAS, WB)
CroatiaRegulatory reform consultant – Assessing the progress in good governance, legislation, and business environment reforms, and establish a functional private-public sector dialogue for new reforms.
S.E. Europe Conference on Self Assessment and Removal of Adminis-trative Barriers to Investment (FIAS)
BiH, SEERegulatory reform expert – Preparing analyses, ensuring appropriate participation and presentations at the international conference on enhancing investment climate.
Northern Bosnia Local Economic Development – project design & development (LGID&PADCO/USAID)
BiHConsultant – Analysis of capacities of six municipalities to implement local governance reforms through a coming three-year institution building project.
Self-Assessment Tools for Administrative Barriers to Investment (FIAS, World Bank/SIDA)
BiHTask Lead – Preparation and implementation of the Administrative and Regulatory Costs Survey and the self-analytical assessment templates with the national and sub-national governments.
Local Economic Development Toolkit in the West-Balkans (World Bank)
Serbia, BiHLocal economic development consultant – Application of the selected local tools in implementing development strategies.
Business Environment Adjustment Credit (BAC)design: (PHRD, World Bank)
BiHTask lead – Preparation of the groundbreaking adjustment operation of the WB to the governments of BiH, subject to verifiable improvement in the business climate.
Preparation of an Economic Development Strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina (World Bank, BiH Gov’t)
BiHConsultant – Preparing and presenting to the country authorities the inputs for the development strategy that was later upgraded and transformed into the PRSP.
FIAS Study on Administrative Barriers to FDI (UK DFID/IFC)
BiHConsultant – Detailed analysis of the business environment in BiH.

projects implemented as world bank staff (2010-2014)

(SELECTED) projects implemented as consultant (Until Jun 2008)

Boris Divjak Consulting

UNDP Guinea Bissau/CESO CI Int’l
Guinea BissauKey Expert 1: Lead Partner in the Project “National study/analysis including needs assessment on the food-water-energy-health nexus investment opportunities in Guinea-Bissau in the context of Green economy/Covid-19” in mapping the ongoing support and development gaps.


Vienna (home-based)
Expert supporting the OCEEA/EGU in updating the 2006 OSCE’s “Best-Practice Guide for a Positive Business and Investment Climate” with a specific focus on: climate change and risks, gender-sensitive reforms and alternative finance mechanisms.

Transparency International BiH and SIDA
home-basedExpert/Publication Editor in charge of preparing and writing the 20th anniversary publication of Transparency International in Bosnia and Herzegovina that summarises its history, assesses impact and presents all key data over the 20 years history.

Macedonian Centre for Int'l Cooperat./SELDISoutheast EuropeConsultant/Evaluator - Mid-term evaluation of the project “Civil Society for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: Capacity Building for Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness Raising (SELDI)2020

Transparency International BiH and USAIDBosnia and HerzegovinaLead Consultant/Author: Mainstreaming gender in the legal empowerment - what can legal aid centres (civil society run) do to support the most vulnerable and how can that support gender equality and equity.

Transparency International BiH and SIDA
Bosnia and HerzegovinaLead Consultant/Author: Lead quantitative (public opinion poll) and qualitative (legal database) research into effects of corruption on gender in BiH, synthesise the results and compare to the global analytics on the subject. 

AlbaniaInternational Consultant - Midterm Review of the Anti-Corruption Strategy of the Government of Albania: conduct the review and prepare assessment and recommendations for the Ministry of Justice, coordinating the gov't efforts2019

World Bank Group, Washington DCAngolaBusiness regulation expert - Support the Government of Angola in streamlining the business entry procedures and introduce a uniformed online solution; conduct a review of licences to enable risk-based simplification/smart regulation.2018-2019

European Commission, DG NEAR
Ernst & Young Advisory Services, Belgium

Brussels, EaP countries

Key Expert - Developing SMEs in the countries of Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine): EU4Business project brings together a myriad of implementers from A2F to technical assistance to SMEs. Coordination, impact measurement and input into further policy-making and development support to EC.


Transparency International BiHBosnia and HerzegovinaKey Trainer - Academy for Political Empowering of Women in BiH (in 9 cities around the country), training in leadership and gender as well as corruption and gender and how to engage across the gender roles to strengthen the rule of law2016-2018

Embassy of Swiss Confederation, TI BiH
Sarajevo, BiH
Key Trainer - Empowering the Embassy staff in identifying corrupt practices in their daily project management and using available tools to report and process such cases.

Council of Europe, Mission to AzerbaijanBaku, Azerbaijan
International Expert - Take the lead in preparing and running a 3-day train-the-trainers workshop in Baku with a diverse audience on how to structure, conduct and monitor the effects of training in anti-corruption.

OSCE Mission to Albania 
Tirana, Albania

International Expert - Provide overall guidance and assistance to the OSCE Mission to complete a comprehensive survey of the private sector on challenges faced by businesses and their overall perception on the investment climate in the country.


Transparency International BiH
Sarajevo, BiHWorkshop Facilitator - Facilitated strategic retreat of Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina with an aim to establish the Strategic Implementation Plan and set up a matrix of monitoring and evaluation indicators for the new strategy document.2017

SELDI net/European Commission 
Sofia, BulgariaExternal Evaluator - Conducting a post-implementation external evaluation of the EU funded SELDI regional anti-corruption network of NGOs with a functional review and recommendations for the way forward for the network.2016

Transparency International/ European Commission 
Berlin, GermanyExternal Reviewer - External review for the regional report, prepared as part of the project “Strengthening National Integrity System in the Western Balkans and Turkey and tracking developments of anti-corruption efforts”2016

Transparency International BiH
Sarajevo, BiHKey Trainer - Anti-corruption expert trainer in the Leadership Academy for Women – preparing and delivering key training for women participants on how to lead in anti-corruption and integrity activities in challenging political environments.

Embassy of Swiss Confederation, TI BiHSarajevo, BiHKey Trainer - Empowering the Embassy staff in identifying corrupt practices in their daily project management and using available tools to report and process such cases.