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Boris Divjak Consulting

  • Until Oct 2016 Director of U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, managed funding of nine bilateral donor agencies and the full portfolio of the Centre's products and staff
  • Since 2008 as Operations officer for Investment Climate Services of IFC/WB directly managed two country projects and supervised teams of several others.
  • From March 2000 to Jan 2004 Managing Director of Prosperitet International Consulting, development consultancy focused on the region of Southeast Europe, working on donor-funded projects with a team of regional consultants
  • 10 projects as Team leader or Team coordinator
  • Founded and led for the first 6 years the most influential NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Transparency International BiH

As Director of U4, Boris Divjak led a team of researchers supporting nine bilateral donor agencies in formulating anti-corruption programs. Since 2000 closely involved with Transparency International, leading global anti-corruption coalition.

  • Last position was of the Director of U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre - leading the team of researchers ( thematically focused on supporting nine bilateral donor agencies in formulating and implementing their anti-corruption programs.
  • Voluntary engagement with Transparency International (TI) included establishing and chairing the National Chapter in Bosnia and Herzegovina the first eight years.
  • Was elected member of the global TI Board of Directors in two consecutive mandates and chaired the movement's Membership Accreditation Committee assessing and helping build the national chapters' capacities.
  • Published dozens of papers and books on corruption chiefly in Southeast Europe and contributed directly to various global and local conference and training events.
  • ​Member of advisory boards of five anti-corruption and good governance organisations, supporting their development and visibility

As IFC/WBG Regulatory Simplification lead officer, since 2008 directly managed or provided key inputs into regulatory projects covering: (Europe and Central Asia) Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Serbia, Tajikistan; (Sub-Saharan Africa) Angola, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome e Principe and East African Community and further inputs into many others.

  • Project managed Sao Tome and Principe in the key donor private sector development projects for the country, which placed Sao Tome e Principe to top 4th position in Doing Business 2012 and as the highest climber in Transparency International Corruption Perception Index for 2012, as well as the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedoms, where in 2012 STP was named the top business regulation reformer globally.
  • Previously from Feb 2004 to May 2008, as consultant IFC/WBG, worked on: 12 IFC projects, 14 World Bank, 7 OECD, 5 USAID, 3 UNDP, 2 EU etc. in all the countries of Southeast Europe. (see above description on the most relevant ).
  • Led ‘regulatory guillotines' resulting in multi-million dollar savings in administrative fees, waiting time and opportunity costs, which propelled Azerbaijan to the top reformer in Doing Business 2009 and increased continuously rankings of: Croatia, Tajikistan, Montenegro, Serbia, Guinea Bissau etc. mostly in deregulating business entry, licensing, inspections, trade across borders
  • Successfully introduced top-notch ICT solutions for complex registries, networked multiple institutions and trained staff to facilitate investment and trade while increasing public revenues
  • Established sustainable dialogue of private and public sector, using sophisticated ICT platforms
  • Pioneered regulatory work for the WBG in tourism development using breakthrough technologies and solutions; led the most successful trade regulation project in Africa
  • Conducted and/or supervised 14 complex surveys of business climate and composed or supervised analyses of results, incl. comprehensive studies of business climate
    Designed and co-written policy recommendations, and worked closely with a myriad of development agencies in structuring holistic assistance to investment climate
    More than 50 trainings delivered in understanding assessments, policy recommendations and implementing reforms to senior government officials
    Applied and monitored local economic development tools positioned 14 municipalities and regions favourably for inward investment, recording continuous economic expansion